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Bluewood Steamy

is an imprint of Bluewood Publishing.

The Last To Know - What I did while we dated

Sammie has confessed her dirty little secret – she wasn’t the innocent young lady she’d made herself out to be.
Even after she’d started dating Simon, she’d still been playing the field, still messing around after hours with her boss at the library.

Kayla - The First Four Weeks

All four Kayla books in one single volume. 164,000 words in one scintillating read for one price.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3 - On Location
Week 4 - Nightshoot


The Last To Know

Bluewood Steamy release the latest novel by Bridy McAvoy, the second in a powerful new trilogy that shows how mistakes in a woman's past can come back to haunt her marriage, through no fault of her own.

Back To Work

Bridy spins a cracking story of a young mother running out of options, money forcing her to go back to the career she gave up for her new husband and family.

A Model Descent - Final Fall

Another Bridy McAvoy release - the third and final book in a trilogy that catalogues the fall of a young model into sleazier and sleazier work as she steadfastly pursues fame and money.

For marketing manager Simon, his gorgeous wife Samantha is his reason for existing. From the moment he first set eyes on her innocent beauty that day behind the counter in the library, he’d been hooked.
Her shy reserved exterior hid a passion that took him a long while to uncover, but for Simon it was worth the wait

The idea of her stripping again isn't something he finds easy to deal with, and the thought of her working for Tom, the sleazy club owner, is even worse. But Jen has made her mind up. Starz is going to make a comeback to save their home, hopefully without risking their marriage.

All twelve novellas collected here in one amazing 275,000 word volume for one fantastic price.
Things might have been different if Lizzie hadn’t been desperate enough to borrow the money to pay the rent, without telling Phil what she was doing. Now, after fate placed them in his hands, Phil leads Lizzie, Susie and Carrie down the slippery slope into glamour modelling and beyond.