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Steamiest Erotica

The Last To Know Trilogy

The Last To Know Trilogy  by   Bridy McAvoy

The complete The Last To Know Trilogy in one single volume. Three full novels, almost 200,000 words, over 550 pages in one scintillating read for one great price.
Book 1 – The Last To Know – What I did before we dated
Book 2 – The Last To Know – What I did while we dated
Book 3 - The Last To Know – What I did while we were engaged

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The Wedding Schlong

The Wedding Schlong  by   Bridy McAvoy

Ted Wood was now an hotelier. He’d seen the small four-story hotel years ago, and fell in love with its location on the headland with superb panoramic views. Five years later when it came on the market, he snapped it up and spent a fortune turning it into a perfect hotel, famed for its honeymoon suites.
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Three Passes Each

Three Passes Each  by   Bridy McAvoy

Carla confessed she preferred older men for their experience, and James couldn’t do anything other than take up such a challenge from the gorgeous brunette. Their romance was perfection, right up to the point where Carla forced his hand over a prenup, one she insisted on in his favor.
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Three Passes Each - Second Pass

Three Passes Each - Second Pass  by   Bridy McAvoy

James had accepted the wisdom of Carla’s forward planning when they’d both used one of their free passes to step outside their marriage. James, though, was insistent he wouldn’t need to use one again, and he was sure Carla had no such intention, either.
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Three Passes Each - Final Pass

Three Passes Each - Final Pass  by   Bridy McAvoy

Having used two of the three free passes on their marriage vows, the remaining third pass had become the elephant in the room of their relationship. Carla’s journalistic career had stalled, and she saw this as the perfect time to start a family, but there was no way she was going to take any risks.
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The Branch Manageress

The Branch Manageress  by   Bridy McAvoy

Being a woman in a male dominated workplace, and a lot younger than the other branch managers, Victoria was surprised by her promotion at the book store. Even more surprising was the attraction for her new boss, the area manager, Phillip. But keeping their relationship professional during working hours wasn’t easy, especially when their off-duty time was so much fun.
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Tuesday Nights

Tuesday Nights  by   Bridy McAvoy

Inviting a card shark to the table wasn't a good idea, but asking her to bring her friends with her was an even poorer one. Asking the three wives to wager more than just money wasn't a good idea either – it was a great one!
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A Model Descent

A Model Descent  by   Bridy McAvoy

“We wondered if you had ever done any modelling?” I mean, how corny can you get? But it was a woman who was asking me the question, and we were right outside the photographer’s studio at the time. I wasn’t even dressed nicely – the thick wool department store uniform made me look frumpy.
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A Model Descent - Freefall

A Model Descent - Freefall  by   Bridy McAvoy

Now renting the flat above the studio, Sylvia is starting to live the high life that comes with being very well paid for what she does. Only, she can’t tell her family what she actually does in front of the camera.
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A Model Descent - Final Fall

A Model Descent - Final Fall  by   Bridy McAvoy

The discovery that Tyrone had been shooting video rather than stills left Sylvia traumatized. Can she cope with the apparent betrayal by the man she’s starting to see as her boyfriend, and not just another photographer?
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A Model Descent Trilogy

A Model Descent Trilogy  by   Bridy McAvoy

The complete A Model Descent Trilogy in one single volume. Three full novels, 245,000 words, over 750 pages in one scintillating read for one great price.
Book 1 - A Model Descent
Book 2 - A Model Descent – Freefall
Book 3 - A Model Descent – Final Fall
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Michelle's Neighbor

Michelle's Neighbor  by   Bridy McAvoy

Michelle hadn’t intended to get involved with her neighbor. Each conversation had pushed her boundaries. Working freelance from home had given them both far too much time for both of them to explore those boundaries. With her husband away for the week, Kris seemed to be offering her a little fun.
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Back To Work

Back To Work  by   Bridy McAvoy

The idea of her stripping again isn't something he finds easy to deal with, and the thought of her working for Tom, the sleazy club owner, is even worse. But Jen has made her mind up. Starz is going to make a comeback to save their home, hopefully without risking their marriage.
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Secretary Number Five

Secretary Number Five  by   Bridy McAvoy

Mia knew there was something wrong when her husband walked through the door. The last thing she expected to hear was the way he’d been caught screwing his secretary. Dragging the painful truth from him one bit at a time was hard, finding this was not the first time...
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The Glenmile's New Barmaid

The Glenmile's New Barmaid  by   Bridy McAvoy

Working evenings and leaving her husband to look after their baby wasn’t what Elise wanted to do, but bar work was all she could get. The job at the Glenmile was great, her boss was great, but, with her car breaking down again, the money wasn’t.
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Department Store Amy

Department Store Amy  by   Bridy McAvoy

Amy's been happy working in the department store but now she's got a real problem, she desperately needs money to fix her car. When her boss offers her some overtime she knows exactly what he's offering...
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The Leah's Lens Trilogy

The Leah's Lens Trilogy  by   Bridy McAvoy

Previously available as three seperate novels, the entire trilogy is gathered here in a single volume of over 150,000 words for one unbelievable price.
Leah's Home Lens
Leah's New Lens
Leah's Long Lens
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Leah's Home Lens

Leah's Home Lens  by   Bridy McAvoy

Leah was only trying to tease her photographer neighbour, but it went too far. Now Owen is blackmailing her into posing for ever more explicit photographs. She never realised just how much of an exhibitionist she could become...
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Leah's New Lens

Leah's New Lens  by   Bridy McAvoy

Having given in to Owen as far as she has, it's very difficult for Leah to refuse Owen when he takes her a few steps further. When Leah poses for him again, he pushes her boundaries much, much further than she ever imagined. ...
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Leah's Long Lens

Leah's Long Lens  by   Bridy McAvoy

With Stan coming back for a solo session on his own, Leah is starting to feel the pressure. When it turns out Stan isn't on his own, the new experiences are mounting up for her. Leah is starting to feel the pressure...
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PA To The CEO  by   Bridy McAvoy

Charlotte knew there were two ways to get to the top of the corporate ladder. She could work hard and hope she got noticed, or she could play hard and make sure she got noticed. The only problem for Charlie was a very simple one...
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One Week Loan

One Week Loan  by   Bridy McAvoy

Nicole is going to give up on her college dream, and drop out. Her grades are fine, but there's one overriding concern - money. She is in tap city, nothing left, nada. Her father lost his job so she can't turn to her parents and waitressing jobs aren't going to pay enough - even if she could get one.
The solution proposed by her friend Sammy is both novel and surprising -
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Derby Dates

Derby Dates  by   Bridy McAvoy

Sian Ash had just turned 20 when her world was turned upside down. The minibus carrying her roller derby team home from an away match lost a tire, and overturned down an embankment. Four families lost their wives and mothers that day The heroine of the crash, she started providing a substitute parent service for the four families. Hailed as the town angel by everyone, only four others knew the real truth.
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Young Widows Club

Young Widows Club  by   Bridy McAvoy

Now Angie, and the other three young widows, faced a stark choice. Robert, who had been their husband’s boss had a proposal for them, a very dirty proposal. Could they? Would they? Could the Young Widows Club become the hottest dates available? For a price.
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