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Julia's Blackmail

Julia's Blackmail  by   Bridy McAvoy

Her colleague, Tom, saw Julia out with another man and decided to blackmail her. Unbeknown to him, Julia had confessed to Max, so there was no hold over her. Julia, though, is intrigued by the implied submission so, with Max’s agreement, plays along.
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Julia's Affair

Julia's Affair  by   Bridy McAvoy

When her husband, Max, has to spend six weeks on an engineering project in the Amazon basin, Julia is left to her own devices. A chance encounter with an old flame leads to a night of passion.
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Bailee's Heart

Bailee's Heart  by   Bridy McAvoy

The telephone call from the hospital propelled Bailee French into her worst nightmare. Her husband Graham had been admitted after a severe heart attack. She went from being his wife to his nurse in one instant and everything seesawed out of control
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Secretary Number Five

Secretary Number Five  by   Bridy McAvoy

Mia knew there was something wrong when her husband walked through the door. The last thing she expected to hear was the way he’d been caught screwing his secretary. Dragging the painful truth from him one bit at a time was hard, finding this was not the first time...
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