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Julia's Surprise

Julia's Surprise  by   Bridy McAvoy

Julia organizes a surprise birthday party for Max. A real man’s party, including premium subscription football on the TV and a stripper for half-time. Only the stripper is not exactly a stranger and Julia plans on joining in.
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Julia's Revenge

Julia's Revenge  by   Bridy McAvoy

Tom has been a little indiscreet around the office. So now it’s time for Julia to get her revenge on him. Finding out he’s been trying it on with her friends just makes the revenge that bit more satisfying.
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Julia's Quest

Julia's Quest  by   Bridy McAvoy

Taking part in a mystery quest weekend wasn’t high on her list of fun things to do. However, when she realizes this is the chance to be alone with one good looking man after another…

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Julia's Punishment

Julia's Punishment  by   Bridy McAvoy

Max is less than happy when one of Julia’s escapades embarrasses him in front of his boss. Julia is contrite and suggests several methods of punishment. She thought Max would choose one… not all of them!
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